Do the Gods Despise Us?

For centuries the elves of Armena have remained safe inside their forest of solitude, but time has finally caught up with them. The humans of Kentar, the forces of the Talon Thieves Guild, and the dark elves of the Underworld are advancing. Not content with the power he has accumulated over his four hundred year life span, the Guildmaster will pay any price to carve out a kingdom of his own. If allying himself with the dark elves and starting a war between the elves of Armena and the humans of Kentar is what he has to do, then so be it.


In the first volume of A Prayer for Peace, the elven brothers achieved a great victory and proved themselves worthy of their father’s legacy, but their trial is just beginning. In the second book of this series the brothers face the men who killed their father, bring an abusive lord to justice, destroy a fortress, and answer the call of a dragon who was ancient when the first elves came to Tellus. They will find the First Heir, witness more than one miracle, face death itself to save a friend, and defy the will of the heavens. The brothers grow stronger with each passing day, but is it the greatness in their blood that propels them forward, or are the gods behind the curtain pulling the strings?Always in the brothers’ shadow is the thief, the moving hand of the Talon Guild, who above all desires power. Where will his loyalties ultimately lie – with his guild, heritage, or faith?


This is a novel where mortals yearn for the favor of the divine and are nearly always left unsatisfied, wondering if the gods despise them. 

Insights Behind Book #2 of A Prayer for Peace

Books 1 and 2 originally started out as one volume.  My brother convinced me that the manuscript was too long, and advised me to split it into two separate volumes.  This was, of course, prior to my writing book 3 of the series, which is nearly as long as one and two put together.

Another interesting tidbit about volume two was that the Captain Jon Campbell chapters were not in the original text.  My primary editor, and good friend, Eric Adelizzi, convinced me to include them.  He rightly pointed out that Do the Gods Despise Us? did not include any chapters from the humans of Kentar point of view.  Now, of course, it is difficult to imagine book two without the initial two chapters and final climax told from Jon's point of view.  The story for these four chapters came together much quicker than the rest of the plot and were some of my favorites to write.  They have a humor that is not found in the rest of the volume and the prose are quite possibly better written.

As the writing for Book #2 came to a close, it became clear to me that I needed a title for the entire series.  Where would George R.R. Martin be today if he hadn't come up with the name A Song of Ice and Fire?  It was actually my primary editor who came up with the overall series name A Prayer for Peace.  He and I were kicking around all sorts of ideas, and when the series name came off his tongue, I knew he had captured the sentiments I was looking for.

Cover BK 2-gradient lightened-flattened.

Original Cover for Book 2

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Lighter Cover with Dragon Wing Removed