The writing for Book #3 began immediately after the publication of Book #2.  Do the Gods Give Us Hope? is nearly as long as the first two volumes put together, coming in at 175,000 words.  The story takes place largely in the Kingdom of Kentar, with the main characters stopping at Locus, Jewlian, Talon Guild Headquarters, the Royal Palace, and the Sorcerers Academy.  The book starts out with journal entries made by the High Wizards of Kentar over the last thousand years.  Although this section is first in the book, it was the last chapter to be written, and one of my favorite parts of the book.  My favorite series of all time is the Foundation Series by Isaac Asimov, and anyone who knows that series loves the Encyclopedia Galactica entries at the beginning of each story.  I have tried to duplicate that effect in Books 2 and 3, and will do so again with Book 4.  The initial entries for Book 2 were from the elves perspective, specifically the Philosophers, while the entries for Book 3 were from the humans perspective, specifically the Sorcerers Academy.  So for Book 4, what is the one nation level group that has not been represented?  If you guessed the Talon Thieves Guild then you would be right.  My intent for Book 4 is to have it begin with journal entries written by the Guildmaster himself.

I desperately hope you enjoy the third volume in the series.  Let me know your thoughts on Amazon, Goodreads, or send me an email.