Novels by Mark Henrikson

1 Origins.jpg

Archeologists working in the Giza plateau make new discoveries about Egypt’s past. Recorded history of the Great Pyramid, Sphinx, even Moses and the slave exodus to the Promised Land are drawn into question as they unravel the mysteries they find and encounter elements intent on preserving those secrets.

A patient in a psychiatric hospital may be the key to it all. Hastelloy is convinced he’s locked in a battle for humanity’s survival with the mysterious species Alpha that has spanned the course of human history since ancient Egypt. Is he crazy, or is it crazy to ignore him? 

Meanwhile, NASA and the National Security Agency struggle with the future of mankind amid the launch of a new deep space probe capable of broadcasting a message that will be heard by others. Some believe it can propel humanity to new heights, others insist it will bring about the end of mankind. Both sides will stop at nothing to further their cause. 

Mankind’s past, present and future are revealed in this gripping thriller that does not let go for a single page, and has enough twists and turns to test even the most sturdy safety harness. The Origins of all will be revealed.

2 Centurion's Rise.jpg

ROME. The mere mention of the name instills images of grandeur. The mighty empire was a guiding light for the civilized world for a thousand years. Was that by chance or careful design? 

A psychiatric patient named Hastelloy has the answer. He believes he was there for it all: Caesar, legions, gladiators. According to his tale even the great gods Jupiter, Vesta and the advent of Christianity were not immune to his influence. Is he crazy or is it still crazy to ignore him? 

Meanwhile, an NSA agent closes in on the location of his abducted partner and answers to the age old question - are we alone in the universe? To gain enlightenment he will have to face specters from his own past to safeguard himself, his family, and possibly the entire planet. The stakes have never been higher for him or his clandestine agency. 

Julius Caesar, Cleopatra, Jesus Christ. You may know the names and dates, but not the why or how. This gripping thriller will challenge everything you thought you knew about the most dynamic era in human history and draw into question if there will be a future. Once again, the Origins of all will be revealed.

3 Reformation.jpg

“When darkness comes keep an eye on the light, no matter how far away it seems.” These wise words are put to the ultimate test as time moves forward into the Middle Ages for the Lazarus crew.

Hastelloy recalls for his therapist mankind’s fall from the Golden Age of Rome into a darkness that humanity was powerless to escape for a thousand years. Evils both alien and human, near and far conspire against his best intentions. Meanwhile, Dr. Holmes is forced to question if humanity would still be mired in the dark without Hastelloy’s help, or was the cure worse than the disease? 

Light and dark suddenly blend into shades of gray when NSA agent Mark Holmes finally comes face to face with Hastelloy in the present. Right and wrong are indistinguishable as these two men strive to progress their vision of the greater good, leaving Dr. Holmes to judge the merits of each man’s case.

It is a judgment that may never happen as an ancient threat is unearthed by a team of archeologists working at the tomb of China’s first emperor. This time even Hastelloy and his crew may not be able to save humanity; not by themselves at least.

4 The Reich.JPG

“Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.”

These words were spoken by the Manhattan Project’s scientific director after the first atomic detonation, but in truth they applied to any number of men during the rise and fall of the Third Reich. The question is, do they also describe the actions of Hastelloy and his crew in the past or present?

NSA agent Mark Holmes must determine the answer amid the Alpha’s rampaging Terracotta Army in China, a rogue NSA Executive Committee member about to provoke World War III in Egypt, and First Contact from outer space. The only one who can help him is a man he cannot trust.

How can he trust a being who engineered the First World War? How can he trust someone who facilitated the rise of Joseph Stalin or Adolf Hitler? Can he trust that it was all done in order to defeat an even greater threat? Hastelloy will do his best to plead his case, but will it be enough?

Old enemies become friends while old allies turn enemy in this gripping thriller that challenges everything you thought you knew about the formative years of the twentieth century. Once again, the Origins of all will be revealed.

5 A Greater Good.jpg

The Novi have finally arrived, but is that a good thing for anyone involved? The Novi may look the same, but time has not been kind to their outlook on the galaxy’s other sentient races in the aftermath of the ‘Lost Fleet’ incident. Hastelloy and his crew have their loyalties torn between the Novi they once knew, the humans they now know, and who the Novi have become. Who should they serve?

The answer brings with it a day of reckoning for Hastelloy. All of his sins from the past: altering form, suicide, inciting war, and murder will finally be judged. New friends will attempt to exonerate him, while old enemies will resurface to try and bury him once and for all. In the end, the only question that truly needs answering is, was it all done for A Greater Good?

6 Discovery.jpg

You know the date: 1492. You know the names: Columbus, Cortez, Montezuma, and Ponce de León. You were taught the how and why of their actions in school, but did the history books get it right? History, after all, is written by the victor.

Come explore the Age of Discovery as you’ve never seen it before, through the eyes of Hastelloy and his crew. The Origins universe breaks new ground with the addition of the Lazarus crew’s collective chronicles of our history.

7  Revolution.jpg

Never in all recorded history has a fledgling movement vanquished a foe so grand and overpowering as happened with the American Revolution. Some might say the founding fathers had help, and they would be right…

The chronicles of the Lazarus crew continue with Ensign Valnor’s struggle against the shadowy Freemasons who dominate the British Empire and most of Europe with their influence. The stakes are high and the odds are long as the conflict spills over into the New World where vast riches and resources reside amidst a powder keg of split loyalties. George Washington, Henry Clinton, Alexander Hamilton and Benedict Arnold, who is the patriot and who is the traitor? We shall see.

Praise for the Origins series from Amazon book reviews:
“For lovers of history, strategy, examining the human condition and being gripped by a rollicking story, these books are brilliant.”